Organic Koshihikari Rice 1lbs

Organic Koshihikari Rice 1lbs

An heirloom Japanese , short-grain rice with delicate , nutty flavor and chewy texture .

Before cooking, cover rice with cool water, swirl, scoop off any floating debris, and drain. This will remove any remaining hulls and clean the rice.
Rice to water ratio 1 : 1.5
Measure water and bring to a boil. Immediately add rice, cover pot, and simmer, untouched, without stirring, at lowest heat for 50 minutes.

* Ratio uses less water than common brown rice. This reflects the freshness of the rice, and potentially the freshness of the oils. The sticky and sweet rice varieties will especially benefit from this ratio, minimizing their sticky tendencies.
* Rice comes with a papery hull surrounding each grain. These must be removed for eating. When the rice is hulled, the grains, being now exposed and slightly impacted, begin to oxidize and the natural oils begin to age, much like flours do post-milling, although to a much lesser degree. We hull our rice in small size batches, reducing the time lapse between hulling and consumption. This yields a brown rice without bitterness, and instead reveals the fresh aromatic qualities of rice. Production for local consumption, variety selection, as well as growing methods also play their role.
* Rice, being a “milled” product due to the hulling process, is best stored in a refrigerator or freezer.
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