Organic Sorghum Flour 1 lbs

Organic Sorghum Flour 1 lbs

A heritage sorghum flour stone-milled on demand for full nutrient load.

Sorghum plays a crucial role in the diversity required to build sustainable, economically-viable small-grain farming systems. The fact that sorghum is drought-tolerant also makes it a key player in response to extreme and changing weather patterns which farmers must contend with. Wheat cannot stand on its own. The over-wintering wheat, rye and barley are popular, as we all know. But something must grow during the other parts of the year, namely during the heat of the summer. Buckwheat, corn, millet, sorghum, and dry beans are those summer crops. These winter and summer crops work together to create a diverse rotation and an economically viable means of production… as long as people carry the diversity to their plates!

VARIETY: Martin Milo - a Heritage Variety that emerged from the ravaged fields of Texas during the Dust Bowl

QUALITIES: nutty sweet flavor, gluten-free (though milled in a facility which processes wheat)

SUITABLE FOR: gluten-free breads, quick breads, crackers, pancakes, muffins, and cookies
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