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Floating Lotus Farmstead is a small scale, first generation farm. We produce a wide variety of nutrient dense vegetables and herbs using chemical free, regenerative "biomimic" practices that are sustainable for our farm and environment. Our main focus is on healthy soil. By feeding the biology in the ground this feeds our plants. We promote soil health by not disturbing the earth, furthermore by keeping the soil covered (by way of plants and layers of compost). Our goal is to continue to grow with our customers in order to create a more efficient avenue to get the "farm to table" experience. We strive to always continue learning in order to offer only the healthiest products.


Adam and Jocelyne Cottrell started working a small half acre garden on leased land back in 2015. Adam was born in Edgewater and raised in St. Mary's County; and Jocelyne grew up in Ontario, Canada.

As first generation farmers, we both started this operation without any farming background or experience. As we gained our skills growing vegetables through testing several methods and lots of research, Floating Lotus Farmstead created itself. The vision of eating healthy and sharing this with our community became the opportunity of a lifetime.

For the first few years we were constantly begging neighbors & friends to use their front yards and at one point accumulated five separate 1 to 2 acre plots spread across two counties. Needless to say this was a blessing and a curse, as logistics for keeping all plots alive and thriving were difficult to manage.


After six years we have finally consolidated to one large 30 acre plot and we are thrilled to be filling it with all your favorite goodies all year long!


As we have grown in acreage we are also growing with our staff needs. We are always looking to add new hands to the workload, so if you or anyone you know has any interest in farming please check out our Employment Page or feel free to contact us!


We are also looking to buy farmland in Anne Arundel County. Land ownership would allow us to feed more families and host workshops and other community events. If you know of any opportunities please contact us! 

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